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Manufacturing hot or warm mix asphalt requires maintaining consistent temperatures.  The PIRS System replaces outdated methods of collecting mix temperatures and provides real-time digital data.   This technology allows plant owners to be more efficient with operations and fuel usage, leading to greater profitability.

The PIRS system, available through Jobsite Technologies, offers the following features:

  • Real-Time Display:
    • Mix temperatures are displayed in real time.
    • Infrared readings indicate when temperature thresholds are exceeded.
  • Efficiency Improvements:
    • Eliminates the need for paper recordings.
    • Reduces maintenance on thermal probes, which can deteriorate due to buildup and damage.
  • Remote Access:
    • Plant owners and operators can access production temperatures remotely of single or multiple plant locations.
    • Allows for oversight from virtually any location.
  • User Access:
    • Users can log into their account to access the Pave Project Manager platform.
    • Review current or past production details.
    • See a visual representation of performance throughout the production day.
    • Generate reports.

    In-Depth Reporting:

    • Production information entered by the operator.
    • Target and tolerance temperatures.
    • Actual temperature analytics, including:
      • Percent within range from target.
      • Minimum and maximum temperatures.
      • Average temperature.
      • Standard deviation.
      • List of each out-of-limits occurrence.

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