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Landfill Construction And Management

Carlson Landfill Grade

Extend The Life Of Any Landfill

Designed for Landfill Compactors, Dozers, Graders and Scrapers

  • Track your compaction in real time with color mapping using pass counts or vertical deflection

  • Share data real time between two machines with Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) for maximum productivity

  • Reduce airspace, maximize compaction reaching optimum density in less time

  • Easily generate Airspace Utilization Factor (AUF), density and volume reports

  • Minimize daily cover

  • Analyze productivity and report from anywhere

Key features

  • Overfill eliminated from outer design slopes

  • True recording of actual material placement

  • Avoidance Zones such as gas wells and hazardous material placement

  • Daily density calculations through scale house weight & import

  • Forward/reverse compaction

  • Ability to collect & stake points

  • Heartbeat connectivity connects machines, site supervisor and office

  • Remote monitoring of machines with Carlson Fleet Manager Office – Landfill

  • Historical playback for machines and material placement

Base & Rover
Carlson Grade Supervisor

3D Model Service available to create and design engineered GPS models, including surface DTM’s and pile files.

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