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The optimal temperature of the installation material is a decisive factor in road

construction, on which the quality of the road significantly depends. A thermal

visualization of the installation process provides important insights into the quality of the material and opens up completely new optimization potentials.

PAVE-IR is the first system to simply and clearly create a thermal profile of the road - in real time! The high-precision IR temperature scanner MTPS-100 provides a wide thermal profile of the built-in layer over a total width of up to 13m, which can optionally be used as evidence for all installation and supply temperatures. The fully automatic visualization of the temperature thus offers the possibility to detect individual points which might be affected by thermal segregation, and to react immediately!

Up to four further freely positionable high-performance sensors (IR spots) additionally measure material temperatures exactly at all points where temperature is critical, whether at the hopper, above the ground or at the screw.

This multiple measurement provides extensive, high-precision values. It thus is possible to assess the temperature of the delivered material in real time and, if necessary, to document it. Differences in the temperature of the installation material thus are visible during the entire process. As a result, measures can immediately be taken if necessary.

The unique IR technology of the scanner offers the decisive advantage of being able to accurately determine the temperature of the asphalt surface and the material.

The acquisition over a width of up to 13m is technically superior to camera-based solutions on the market.

Due to its modular concept, PAVE-IR is compatible with every paver - regardless of manufacturer and age of the machine.

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